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Business Wanted page is targeted to buy-side group including individual investors, business buyers, venture capital firms, private equity firms. There might be a business that matches your price range, location, and industry on the Website. Get FREE email alerts as soon as a the perfect Business Opportunity is listed on You will be notified as soon as a business matching your search criteria is listed on the site. Please setup multiple business for sale alerts if you have multiple search criteria.

All postings are subject to approval. is the leading marketplace for buying a business or selling a business online. The site provides an efficient and fast platform to buy a business or sell a business.

Disclaimer: provides business for sale classifieds. All business for sale and other business opportunities are not an offering or purchase recommendation by We rely on the accuracy of the content submitted to us by business owners and intermediaries representing business owners. A business buyer must seek the advice of a Business Broker or Business Professional such as a lawyer, financial consultant and accountant before closing the deal. Please review our Disclaimer for more details.

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