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About is one of the largest Businesses for Sale marketplace. facilitates small business Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) in the UnitedKingdom by assisting business brokers and business owners sell their business. Business owners, business brokers and franchises can list their business for sale for sale on the site. With more than 1600 businesses for sale worldwide, the site is a great place to buy a business or sell a business in UK.

Business owners, business brokers and franchises can list their Business for Sale in all major metropolitan areas including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds-Bradford, Liverpool/Birkenhead, Newcastle, Sheffield, Southampton, Nottingham-Derby, and Glasgow.

There are approximately 4.8 Million Small and Medium Businesses (SME) in the UK of which 1.2 Million Businesses (25%) are employers. 100,000 new businesses were added IN 2013 as compared to 2012 – up 2%. The number of small businesses have increased by 3% each year since 2000. England has 4.25 million small businesses, Wales 189 thousand small businesses, Scotland has 325 thousand small businesses, and Northern Ireland has 113 thousand small businesses.

In 2013, 72% (or 3.5 million) of all businesses in the UK were in services industries. Retails accounts for 10% of all businesses and professional, scientific and technical industry accounts for 14% of all businesses. Almost 50% of the SME’s that employee people are in three sectors Wholesale/ retail / repair, Construction, and Professional and Technical services. in 2012, There were approx. 4.7 million micro-businesses in the UK, accounting for 95% of all businesses. Micro businesses are businesses with 0 – 9 employees. Only 0.2% of businesses in the UK have more than 25 employees. The Construction sector accounts for 19% of all businesses.

On an average, London has the highest number of businesses per 10,000 people. It has 1200 businesses per 10,000 individuals. Only 25% of SME are exporters, the rest of them provide goods and services domestically. 4.8 million Small and Medium Businesses (SMEs) employed 23.9 million in 2012 where 26 % of SMEs were employers and the remaining 74 % were sole – proprietors.
Business for Sale United Kingdom

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