Business for Sale in   Monroe    New-York    USA  

Business for Sale in Monroe New-York USA

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Local Business Info New-York USA

What are the most popular Neighborhoods in MONROE ,NY ?

Highland, Browncroft, Ellwanger-Barry, Lyell-Otis, Strong, Upper Mount Hope, Highland Park, Cobbs Hill, Pearl - Meigs - Monroe, Rose Lawn, Swillburg, B.E.S.T., Corn Hill, East Avenue, Downtown Rochester, South Wedge, Changing of the Scenes, Plymouth-Exchange, Upper Monroe, Upper Falls, North Winton Village, Park Avenue, Northland-Lyceum, North Marketview Heights, Westside Neighbors, Homestead Heights, Genesee-Jefferson, Jay - Orchard Street Area Neighborhood, People of Dutchtown, South Marketview Heights, Charlotte, Edgerton, Beechwood, Maplewood, Lyell Otis Avery, and other neighborhoods in MONROE County

What are the Key businesses in MONROE NEW YORK ?

MONROE county has 17529 businesses and employs 350506 people. The largest employer in Health care and social assistance employing 65771 people.
The main businesses in the county are Colleges, universities, and professional schools, General medical and surgical hospitals, Restaurants and other eating places, Supermarkets and other grocery (except convenience) stores, Nursing care facilities (skilled nursing facilities), Temporary help services, Management of companies and enterprises, Full-service restaurants, Corporate, subsidiary, and regional managing offices, Limited-service restaurants, Landscaping services, Wired telecommunications carriers, Home health care services, Fitness and recreational sports centers, Residential intellectual and developmental disability facilities, New car dealers, Offices of lawyers, Janitorial services, Plumbing, heating, and air-conditioning contractors, Elementary and secondary schools, Religious organizations, Child day care services, Telephone call centers, Telemarketing bureaus and other contact centers, Commercial banking, facilitates Small Business Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) in Monroe New-York USA by assisting Business Brokers and Business Owners sell their business. Business Owners, Business Brokers and Franchises can list their Business for Sale on the site.   CITY_PAGE

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