Business for Sale in   Scottsdale    Arizona    USA  

Business for Sale in Scottsdale Arizona USA

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Studio20 - Webcam Modelling Studio Company In Phoenix For Sale 19858

Asking Price:  USD 100,000.00   Location: PHOENIX MARICOPA
Industry:  Other Business Services   Sector:  Services
Established Year: 2019   No of Employees:10  
Webcam modelling studio based in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona, for sale. The studio contains 13 different rooms fully furnished with special designs and fully equipped with latest technical equipment in order to broadcast. Special fiber optics internet connection and high speed network. The area has a large meeting room, 2 separate help desk tables where the supports will be working from, a separate room for the manager, toilets, closets, technical room and a long hallway very nice decorated. Rent is very low, only 6000$ per month for over 5000 sqf. The reason we sell the business if because we are living in the Europe right now and COVID is stopping us for going to the US whenever is needed to take care of the business.   More Details..
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