Business for Sale in   Dubai    UAE  

Business for Sale in Dubai UAE

Food Stuff Trading company for sale in Dubai 19832

Asking Price:  AED 15,000.00   Location: ALL
Industry:  Supermarkets   Sector:  Retail
Established Year: 2018   No of Employees:1  
Company Name:The Urban Farm Foodstuff Trading LLC Established: 2018 Owner: Single owner Bank Account: Yes VAT Registration: Done Business Type: Import/ Export and sales of all food products Customs Registration: Yes Import & Export Registration: Yes Sponsor Fees: Aed.5000 per year Office: No Employees: No Liabilities: Nil All documents clear and foe immediate sale Reason for sale: Relocating to India.   More Details..
Saloon for Sale 19797

Asking Price:  AED 110,000.00   Location: ALL
Industry:  Beauty   Sector:  Personal Services
Established Year: 2015   No of Employees:2  
Want to sell the running business as Husband's job is transferred to another Emirate.   More Details..
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Local Business Info Dubai UAE
Dubai has a GDP is approx. USD $80 billion. It has a highly diversified economy where Petroleum and Natural gas account for less than 5% of its economy. Dubai's economy is heavily focused in Tourism, Trading, Services and Manufacturing.

Dubai is the fourth most visited city in the world after cities like London, Paris and New York. Almost 15 million people visited Dubai in 2015. Dubai's population was approx. 2.7 million in 2016. SME's account for 42% of the workforce in in Dubai. Micro businesses account for 72% of all businesses. Trading (57%) is the largest sector in Dubai followed by services (35%) and manufacturing (8%). Consumer goods, textile and garments are the largest areas for trading. Dubai's strategic location has made it the biggest re-exporter in the middle-east. Construction, Contracting and Real Estate are the largest activities within services. Manufacturing activities includes food and beverages, basic metals and fabricated products. Almost of 2/3rd of revenue earned by exporting firms trading businesses are earned from international markets. Almost 20% of companies exporting have a physical presence or strategic alliance in the country they are exporting to. Business Brokers can help buy a business or invest in an existing business. facilitates Small Business Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) in Dubai UAE by assisting Business Brokers and Business Owners sell their business. Business Owners, Business Brokers and Franchises can list their Business for Sale on the site.   STATE_PAGE

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