Business for Sale in   Uttarakhand    India  

Business for Sale in Uttarakhand India

Manufacturer of OEM of Tractor and Auto parts For Sale 19508

Asking Price:  INR 35,00,00,000.00   Location:
Industry:  All - Retailers   Sector:  Retail
Established Year: 2008   No of Employees:170  
Our client is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Supplier of Tractor Parts and Auto Parts to leading Tractor and Auto Manufacturers in India and around the world. Their product lines include machined components for tractors and automobiles, press components for tractors and automobiles and sub-assemblies for tractors. They also manufacture exclusive products for companies like Ashok Leyland, Mahindra & Mahindra and Swaraj Tractors ITL. With their exclusive and wide customer base, our client has their plant in the major industrial area of Rudrapur and the mentioned plant is ISO 9002 Certified. They Plant which is situated in a 100% Excise-Exempted Zone up to August, 2018 and also has a 25% Tax Rebate. The Rudrapur plant also contains a bore well. The plant has over 170 employees, of which 45 are on a permanent payroll with their compliances taken care of by the company, the rest are employed on a job-wise basis by a contractor and their respective compliances are provided by the contractor itself. A new powder coating paint workshop is being setup at the manufacturing plant. Currently supplying over 250 exclusive parts to OEM’s List of Product/Services offered Fabricated Sub Assemblies Machined Components Pressed Components (Complete List available on request) Support & training Entire staff & workers can be retained by new management for transition or continual operation of plant. The setup is independent and can operate as is.   More Details..
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