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Business for Sale in Ghaziabad Uttar-Pradesh India

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Manufacturer of forged components catering to oil industry For JV 19522

Asking Price:  INR 10.00   Location: Ghaziabad
Industry:  Primary Metal Industries   Sector:  Manufacturing
Established Year: 1981   No of Employees:25  
The company is looking for a partner to infuse capital into the business. A maximum of 50% stake can be acquired. The company is a major player in Oil, Gas and Power industry both domestically and internationally. Our client is one of the leading and prominent player in the forging industry, having 100 years of rich experience in forging industry as a family and catering mainly to the Oil and Gas industry. Their product lines include Forged Flanges, Rings, Shaft, Gears, Hollow Shaft, Round, made out of Carbon Steel/Alloys Steel/ Stainless Steel. Their client base include reputed companies in Oil & Gas industry, all across the globe consisting of brands like BPC, IOC, BHEL, ONGC, British petroleum, Enron, SHELL to name a few. With their exclusive and wide customer base, our client has their plant in the major industrial area of Ghaziabad and are one of the first companies to be certified with ISO 9001:2000. They also hold the distinction of being granted several approvals from reputed domestic and international institutions such as Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC), Ministry of Electricity & Water – Kuwait, Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd and several others. The plant also houses state of the art facilities for testing and quality assurance purpose so as to comply with international standards. The plant has fully modernized workshop with lathe machines, multi spindle drill machines to produce forgings by nearly 1000 MT per month with good quality and packing set up List of Product/Services offered • Forged Flanges ( ½’’ – 72’’) • Lip Forgings for pressure vessels (350 mm-1500 mm, height max 600mm) • Tube sheets for heat exchangers ( 2000mm, max thickness 500 mm) • Body flanges for pressure vessels • Rings (Max Dia – 2000mm, thickness – 600 mm, All grades) • Shafts ( Dia – 500 mm, length- 6000mm, Wt- 12 T) • Christmas Tree • Valve Body & Bonnet Unique Selling Point (USP) • Our client’s family boasts of having 100 years rich of experience in the Forging Industry and the company has been operational for the past 30 years. • Their family is a well known identity in both Indian and Foreign Markets • Location of the project is ideal as it is in proximity to the raw material sources. Ghaziabad is having lot of steel melting units and the company gets the steel ingots without difficulty. • The plant has well equipped in house manufacturing facilities such as forging facility, Heat treatment, Machine shop, Inspection and testing, Welding and gas cutting shop, Power house of 250 KVA and a tool shop. • The company is an approved vendor for supply of forged products to numerous public and private sector companies of international repute like IOCL, BPCL, Larson & Toubro Limited, BHEL, Reliance Refinery, Fertilizer & Chemical Plants and many more. These approval usually takes 10 to 15 years to achieve. The company has been a leading supplier to heavy weights in the oil, Gas and power industry for the last 30 yrs, catering to both domestic and international players. For the last couple of years the company has been running into losses due to high finance costs. Hence the company started being selective about their customers and had cut back on their orders. But the customers are highly satisfied with the quality of the company and are ready to increase their orders at any point in time. At present the company is in talks with the banks regarding restructuring of loans, and after this restructuring it is most probable that the loan amount will be reduced from 45 to 15 Cr. Hence the company plans to invest in upgraded technology so that it could minimize material consumption cost and also take up more orders in the future. This is bound to increase the sales by 15% every year leading to of 24.4%.   More Details..
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