Business for Sale in   Chennai    TamilNadu    India  

Business for Sale in Chennai TamilNadu India

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Asking Price:  INR 10,00,00,000.00   Location: Chennai
Industry:  Primary Metal Industries   Sector:  Manufacturing
Established Year: 2011   No of Employees:25  
We have strong Sales & Marketing team, Accounts Team, Production Team with Skilled and Unskilled Labours. We have a very strong customer database . We hope to expand and develop our business.   More Details..

Asking Price:  INR 10,00,000.00   Location: Chennai
Industry:  Apparel & finished fabrics   Sector:  Manufacturing
Established Year: 2011   No of Employees:25  
We have two manufacturing units at Tamilnadu . The Chennai unit is functioning at our Own premises of 10,000 sq.ft area. The second unit is in Madurai with 6,000 sq.ft area which is rented one.   More Details..
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Local Business Info TamilNadu India

Chennai, originally known as Madras, is the capital of Tamil Nadu and is the largest cultural, economic and educational center of South India. The original name Madras is sometimes still used. Chennai is located in the south-eastern part of India. The population of Chennai Metropolitan area is approx. $7 million. Chennai is one of the safest cities in India and has the highest number of foreign tourists visiting the city. It has the highest number of technical universities as compared to any other state. Chennai has several prestigious education centers including IIT Madras, Madras University, Loyola College Chennai and others. Tamil is the native language.

The GDP of Chennai Metropolitan area is approximately $60 billion expected to grow to $100 billion by 2025. Tamil Nadu is the 2nd largest contributor to India's GDP and has 17% of all the factories and industrial workforce in the country. Chennai's economy is diversified across financial services, software services, health care, defence and manufacturing. Chennai has a large health care sector and is known has the health capital of the country. Chennai accounts for almost 40% of India's automobile and auto-parts industry. Automotive companies based in Chennai include Nissan Motors, Ashok Leyland, Daimler AG, BMW and several others. Tidal Park in Chennai is one of the largest IT parks in the country. Large international financial institutions like World Bank, AMRO, ABN, Standard Chartered Bank and several others have a base in Chennai. facilitates Small Business Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) in Chennai TamilNadu India by assisting Business Brokers and Business Owners sell their business. Business Owners, Business Brokers and Franchises can list their Business for Sale on the site.   CITY_PAGE

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