Business for Sale in   Ahmedabad    Gujarat    India  

Business for Sale in Ahmedabad Gujarat India

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Status Location Industry Asking Price Business Description
Off Market Ahmedabad Industrial/Commercial Machinery INR 1000000 Air Classifier Mill
Off Market Ahmedabad All - Retailers INR 1500000 Frozen Food and Lifestyle grocery cum Take Away Restaurant
Off Market Ahmedabad Clothing and Apparel INR 3500000 Ladies western wear retail business
Off Market Ahmedabad All - Retailers USD 14000000 A Profitable, Reputed & Premium National Education Institute For Sale
Off Market Ahmedabad Travel Agencies INR 110000000 Looking for Potential Buyer for Online and offline Travel Management Company (TMC)
Off Market Miscellaneous INR 30000000 Below 25hp Tractor & Equipment Manufacturing Company
Off Market All - Retailers USD 320000000 Leading Engineering Manufacturing Industry For Sale
Off Market Non-classifiable Establishments INR 3500000 NBFC Company for sale
Off Market All - Retailers USD 60000 DATA ENTRY / TELE CALLING SERVICES
Off Market Building INR 80000000 Quarry with 20+ BIGHA mining area and plant & machinery

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