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Q) How do we contact

Please contact us using the Contact Us form or email us at

Q) My payment went through but I was not able to list my business for sale.

We are sorry for the inconvenience. This may happen if PayPal does not re-direct you back to the Website correctly. To fix the problem, please go to the link below to complete the registration process and list your business for sale.

Register Here...

After you register, you will automatically be redirected to a page where you can list your business. Once you complete the listing, we will verify it and promote it on various social media sites.

Q) How do I edit an existing business listing?

Please complete the following steps to edit your business listing.

1. Go to the login page:

Login Here...

2. Go to "Already have an account?" Log In and enter your email and password. You will be re-directed to the My Account page after you login.

3. Click on the link under Business Description. The business listing will open up in edit mode. You can now make changes to the listing. Click the Update button below to save the changes.

Q) How can I sell a business anonymously? recognizes that many businesses need to be sold confidentially. Business owners and intermediaries have complete control on information they share on the site. As such, business owners can complete the listing summary and business description fields with generalized data so that confidential and identifiable business information is not displayed. For example, the listing headline can be “Fast Food Restaurant” rather than the actual name of the restaurant. Business contact information is always confidential and is never disclosed to any user.

Q) How can I contact

Please visit our Contact Us for more information.

Q) Forgot my password and cannot log in. How can I get my Login ID and password?

Enter your email address in the page Forgot Password page, and we will send you your Login ID and password.

Q) Businesses can be listed in news-papers and other media, so why list businesses online?

In the offline world, it is difficult for business buyers to research and identify businesses to buy because the information is spread out. Why list a Business for Sale Online explains in detail the value proposition for listing your business online.

Q) What is the cost to list a business on ?

There is a one time fee of USD $10.00 for listing your business for sale. Your business listing will remain active until your business is sold or deleted after 2 years. Once listed, your business listing will be seen by thousands of potential business buyers who visit the site.

Q) How do you pay an invoice?

To pay the invoice complete the following steps:
1. Open your email, read the invoice, and see the PayPal payment button
2. Click the payment button in the email
3. Log in to the secure PayPal payment page
4. Review the details of your invoice
5. Click Pay

Q) Why do I need to register on the website?

No registration is required to browse "Business for Sale" listings and "Franchise for Sale" listings. However, if you are posting a business for sale you must register. Once you have successfully registered, you can login using your email and password to list your business. For a limited time brokers and sellers of businesses can list a business for sale without pay. There is no cost to listing your business for sale.

Q) How are business-listings classified?

All business for sale listings must select an Industry and a Sector. Businesses may be classified under Retail, Services, Internet, Manufacturing, Wholesale, Construction, Natural Resources, Real Estate, Personal Services, Transportation, Wholesalers, Communications and Non-classifiable. Please review detailed description of Business Sectors Supported.

Q) Can Business Brokers and Real Estate Agents use is looking for Business Brokers and Commercial Real Estate Agents to help us develop all regions in US, Canada and UK. Take advantage of our highly effective marketing strategies and let us help you place your businesses and properties into the hands of specifically targeted buyers. If you have a large inventory, we can help you place your initial listings. Please contact us for an estimate.
Please register as a Business Inetermediary at:
Register Here

Q) How are new Businesses Listed?

All new businesses listed are reviewed by an administrator before they are available to the general public. The following steps must be followed to list a business:

1. The seller of the business registers with
2. The seller completes the "Business for Sale" form
3. The business details are forwarded to an administrator for review
4. The administrator reviews the content and approves it.

After the listing is approved it is available to the general public vesting the site. Hundreds of potential buyers search the site everyday.

Q) How do I edit a business for sale listing?

a) Log in to your account on the login page
b) Select "My Business For Sale Listings" and then the specific listing.
c) Edit your listing and click "Save".

Q) How do I delete a business for sale listing?

You can delete a Business for Sale listing by doing the following:

a) Log in to your account on the login page
b) Select "My Business For Sale Listings" and then the specific listing.
c) Scroll to the bottom, change the Listing Status to "Delete" or "Sold" (if the business was sold), and click "Save".

Q) Does Buy Sell Business provide consultation or advice on buying a business? is a business listing service which helps buyers and sellers connect and hopefully complete a successful deal. We do not provide consultation on buying or selling a business. is a listing service only. If you are buying a business we suggest strongly that you do your due-diligence in purchasing a business. Consult the proper professionals such as a business lawyer and accountant etc.

Q) What is the Service Level Agreements (SLA) for uses cloud computing, so the SLA for the site tied to the SLA for the underlying cloud provider – Windows Azure. Additionally, we take down the site for a few minutes each week to update content and release new features.

Q) What services do Business Brokers Provide?

• They educate business owners about services provided
• Assist business owners in the decision to sell their business
• Organize business valuation services
• Generate leads for the business for sale
• Prepare business for sale marketing documents
• Interview and qualify potential business buyers
• Present the business for sale offering to the business buyer
• Help negotiate a deal between the business buyer and seller
• Assist in closing the deal and transfer of the business

Q) Can I Login with a Social Media account?

Yes, you can login using social media accounts via direct connect. The site currently supports login via your LinkedIn and Facebook accounts.

Q) What business types does the Business Services sector include?

Business Services includes administrative support, business development, Finance, Human Resources, Internal communications, Legal, Marketing, Procurement, Public relations and Quality and risk management. Business development professionals help drive account execution, new business opportunities and implement our growth strategies. Financial professionals are responsible for creating financial statements and reporting it accurately and consistently. The Financial statements must be in compliance with global financial rules and principles and local rules and regulations. Human Resource businesses help companies implement HR programs for recruiting, new joiner orientation, learning, performance management, leadership development, training tools, compensation, time reporting processes and several other initiatives.

Disclaimer: provides business for sale classifieds. All business for sale and other business opportunities are not an offering or purchase recommendation by We rely on the accuracy of the content submitted to us by business owners and intermediaries representing business owners. A business buyer must seek the advice of a Business Broker or Business Professional such as a lawyer, financial consultant and accountant before closing the deal. Please review our Disclaimer for more details.

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