Business for Sale in   Fredericton    New-Brunswick    Canada  

Business for Sale in Fredericton New-Brunswick Canada

  Saint-John   Moncton   Fredericton  
Status Location Industry Asking Price Business Description
Off Market Fredericton Health, Medical & Dental CDN 99900 Turn-Key Laser + Medical Aesthetics Clinic Opportunity in Fredericton, NB
Off Market Fredericton Beauty Salons, Barber Shops CDN 150000 Invest in the cosmetic and beauty industry. Ready for take over is an operational, functional and es
Off Market Fredericton Professional Services CDN 150000 Provider of services to men and women in the cosmetic industry
Off Market Fredericton Furniture and Accessories CDN 170000 furniture, appliances, electronics, lawn and garden supplies, bedroom sets, sleep sets, dining room
Off Market Out of Board Jurisdiction Lumber and Wood Products CDN 750000 For Sale SAWMILL & House + 95 acres of Land

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