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What services does provide? is a global business for sale database and marketplace for buying and selling businesses in Canada. The site provides an efficient and fast platform to buy a business, find a business partner or sell a business. The site facilitates small business Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) in Canada by assisting business brokers and business owners sell their business. Additionally, the site provides Small Business M&A services including Business Valuation, Business Loans, Business Search and Business for Sale advisory services.

How many small businesses are there in Canada?

Canada is a land of small businesses where SMEs contribute more than half of Canada's GDP. Canada has more than 800,000 entrepreneurs and more than 1 million small businesses. More than 35,000 new businesses are started each year and SMEs (small-to-medium enterprise) employ more than 7 million people in Canada.

What is the distribution of Small Businesses in Canada?

15% of businesses are located in BC, 21% in the Prairies, 35% in Ontario, 21% in Quebec and 7 % in the Atlantic Provinces. Industries with the highest number SMEs include Accommodation and Food Services (7%), Construction (12%) and Business Services (17%). Specifically, as of December 2015, there were 1.17 million businesses in Canada. Of these, 1.14 million (98 %) were small businesses, 21,415 (1.8 %) were medium-sized businesses and 2,933 (0.3 %) were large corporations.

Business for Sale Canada

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