Small Business Transaction Advisory Services provides several transaction advisory services for Small and Mid-Market companies. Let our team of experts prepare Business Valuation, Pitch Deck, Business Plan and Financial Report.

How much is your Business worth?

Business valuation plays is critical for investor financing, mergers and acquisitions and benchmarking growth. Establishing a fair value for a business is important for setting up a transition plan, exit plan and complex negotiations.

Determining the worth of a business can be a complex process, as it depends on a variety of factors such as the industry, location, size, financial performance, and other considerations.

Get a team of valuation experts including Lawyers and Bankers create top quality valuation report for your business. The report also includes Value Generating Ideas and M&A recommendations. We have completed busines valuation for more than 500 companies.

What is in a pitch deck?

Professionally created Pitch Deck and Business Presentations. The presentation will cover all key areas including Company Description, Problem Statement / Solution, Products, Market Size and Industry, Competitive Landscape, Risk Management, Board and Advisory Board, Facilities / Manufacturing, Company Ownership, Financial Forecasts and Funding Requirements.

The purpose of a pitch deck is to provide an overview of the business, explain its value proposition, and convince the audience to invest in or support the business.

How do I get funding for my startup?

Tech Startup with great idea and product need funds to grow the business, gain credibility and get strategic advice. Our investors group will finance seed round or more advanced rounds.

How do I find the perfect business for me?

Post a FREE business wanted requirement and advertise to an audience of potential business buyers. Receive email alerts when businesses that meet your search criteria are listed on

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What should be included in a financial report?

When buying or selling a business, the financial report is an important part of the Due-Diligence process.
The Financial Report (Spreadsheet) includes Financial summary, Sales and Marketing Expenses, Production Expenses, Tech Expenses, G&A, Staffing, Revenue, Income statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statement. In addition the report includes Actual vs Budget analysis for the income statement, future capex, operational costs and revenue estimates.
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Disclaimer: provides business for sale classifieds. All business for sale and other business opportunities are not an offering or purchase recommendation by We rely on the accuracy of the content submitted to us by business owners and intermediaries representing business owners. A business buyer must seek the advice of a Business Broker or Business Professional such as a lawyer, financial consultant and accountant before closing the deal. Please review our Disclaimer for more details.

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