Virtual Data Rooms

There is a lot of document exchange involved when one is negotiating a business acquisition or business merger. Email is insecure and can be intercepted at any point. FTP is complicated to setup and use and does not provide document versioning, control and reporting.

Virtual Data Rooms allow business buyers and business sellers to share documents relevant to the business deal. Only authorized users can access or view documents, which are stored in electronic format. Virtual Data Rooms (VDRs) must enable business buyers, business sellers and business brokers to securely share documents and collaborate in a cost-effective way. VDRs commonly support include:
  • Notify users when a document is uploaded, downloaded or changed.
  • Restrict document privileges to read, change or upload only.
  • Automatically delete a document or access to a shared link at a set timeline.
  • Track which parties have viewed which documents.
Virtual Data Rooms:

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