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LocationIndustryAsking PriceBusiness Description
SUFFOLK All - Retailers USD95,000Boutique Wine and Liquor Store
SUFFOLK Restaurants USD150,000Fast Food Takeout Restaurant Perfect for Franchising
NASSAU Computer & Software Services USD125,000Cellphone App Development Company
SUFFOLK All - Retailers USD59,000Branded Gas Station with Mechanic’s Shop
SUFFOLK All - Retailers USD699,000Smoke, Vapor and Convenience Store with Property
SUFFOLK Restaurants USD500,000Very Profitable Absentee Run Pizzeria
SUFFOLK Gasoline Service Stations USD95,000Gas Station w/ C-Store Western Suffolk
SUFFOLK All - Retailers USD275,000Independent Gas Station - Low Rent - Long Lease
SUFFOLK All - Retailers USD150,00045 Seat Pizzeria - Ristorante
SUFFOLK Restaurants USD400,000RARE FIND! Monday-Friday Restaurant
SUFFOLK All - Retailers USD135,000Classic Sports Bar and Grill
SUFFOLK Fabricated Metal Products USD1,900,000Machine Shop AS9100 and ISO Certified
NASSAU All - Retailers USD130,000Subway - northern Nasssau County New York
SUFFOLK All - Retailers USD225,000Awesome Tex Mex Restaurant in Suffolk!
SUFFOLK Eating and Drinking USD175,000Profitable Deli with Strong Catering Business
SUFFOLK Gasoline Service Stations USD125,000Branded Gas Station w/ C-Store and Service Bays
SUFFOLK Eating and Drinking USD195,000Ice Cream, Chocolates and Candy Store
NEW YORK NEW YORK All - Retailers USD15,000Icy Nights - Unique Event Service Business

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There are more than 2 million small businesses in New York. Small businesses account for 99 percent of all New York businesses and employs 52% of New York’s workforce. NY small businesses export more than $79 billion or 5% of all US exports. Tourism is the largest small business industry. Industries with the most small-businesses are health care, accommodation, food services and retail trade.


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