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LocationIndustryAsking PriceBusiness Description
SUFFOLK Food Products USD550,000Profitable Wholesale Seafood Distributor Serving Suffolk County
SUFFOLK Grocery & Food Stores USD225,000Sea Food Market with plenty of room to grow
SUFFOLK Gasoline Service Stations USD299,000Mechanic’s Shop with Gas Station & Convenience Store
SUFFOLK Gasoline Service Stations USD145,000Great Starter Gas Station
SUFFOLK Gasoline Service Stations USD299,000Gas Station w/Convenience Store & Service Center
ALBANY All - Retailers USD115,000Profitable Absentee Run Pizzeria 100100954
BROOKHAVEN SUFFOLK Restaurants USD195,000Deli / Pizzeria
SUFFOLK All - Retailers USD125,000High-End Seafood Market
SUFFOLK Restaurants USD99,00048 Seat Pizzeria Ristorante
SUFFOLK All - Retailers USD300,000Brand New Liquor Store In Good Area
SUFFOLK All - Retailers USD1,500,000Awesome Deli/Pizzeria With Building
SUFFOLK All - Retailers USD200,000Independent Canopied Gas Station In Excel. Area 100100948
NASSAU Wholesalers - Other USD125,000Major National Brand Motor Oil Route For Sale!
NASSAU Restaurants USD65,000Brand New Pizzeria - Priced To Sell
SUFFOLK All - Retailers USD249,000Canopied Self-Serve Independent Gas Station
BROOKHAVEN SUFFOLK All - Retailers USD149,000Canopied Independent Gas Station 100100945
BROOKHAVEN SUFFOLK All - Retailers USD399,000New Gas Station With C-Store 100100944
SUFFOLK All - Retailers USD449,000Very Busy Convenience Store With Deli 100100929
BOHEMIA SUFFOLK All - Retailers USD800,000Profitable Tier 2 Machine Shop - Aviation Industry
SUFFOLK Restaurants USD250,000RARE FIND: A Monday-Friday Pizzeria Restaurant!
NASSAU Gasoline Service Stations USD199,000Profitable, Branded Gas Station With Canopy
ALBANY Liquor Stores USD169,000Profitable Liquor Store SW Nassau NY
NASSAU Liquor Stores USD169,000Profitable Liquor Store SW Nassau NY
NEW YORK NEW YORK Restaurants USD175,0001 year new Subway franchise in a busy location!
SUFFOLK Dry-cleaning/Laundry Services USD235,000Fully Equipped Profitable Dry Cleaner In Excel. Area

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