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LocationIndustryAsking PriceBusiness Description
ALL Business Services (B2B) AED2,400,000Coupon Codes website in UAE
ALL Other Personal Services AED800,000Small 'sharing community' business with huge potential
ALL All - Retailers AED2,000,0005 Years old Car Wash Business for Immediate SALE
ALL All - Retailers USD270,000Photography Studio in major Mall, state of the art
ALL Software AED1,500,000Dubai Company branch of a Canadian Software Company developing applications for Banks and Financials
ALL Agents & Brokers AED200,000For Sale Well Running Security Guards Co.
ALL Passenger Transportation AED1Rent a car company for sale in Dubai
ALL All - Retailers USD450,000An Interior decoration company for sale in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
ALL Commercial Space and Buildings AED5,500,000Business Center in Dubai for Sale
ALL All - Real Estate AED5,000,000Business Center for URGENT sale in Dubai
ALL All - Retailers USD1,913,000Fully equipped and functioning Car Rental Company in Dubai for sale
ALL Construction - Other USD4,750,000Fully operational Joinery & fit out company
ALL Building AED3,700,000Running Building Construction Company for Sale in Dubai
ALL Educational Services AED25,000,000Nursery School for Sale in Dubai
ALL Miscellaneous AED250,000In Dubai Perfumes Factory & Trading Company requires Partners
ALL Cleaning AED3,500,000Commercial & Domestic Cleaning Co
ALL All - Retailers USD15 years old, profit making IT Solutions Company for sale. Having with customer and AMC's base in UAE
ALL Other Business Services AED2,500,000children's play areas and event management company
ALL All - Retailers AED8,500,000Juice bar with multiple locations in Dubai for Sale
ALL All - Retailers AED1High-End Women's Clothing Boutique in Jumeirah for Sale
ALL Tobacco Products AED7,000,000Existing Factory for Sale/Owner Migrating
ALL Freight, Moving/Delivery AED140,000Warehouse in Jebel Ali Free Zone below market price for sale 140K with all inclusive
ALL Freight, Moving/Delivery AED170,000Running Courier Business for sale in Dubai 170K
ALL Computer & Software Services AED800,000IT Solutions Business for Sale

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