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LocationIndustryAsking PriceBusiness Description
Bangalore All Food and Kindred Products INR20,00,000Batter Manufacturing Unit
Bangalore All Passenger Transportation INR100,00,000Car Aggregator with Gross Booking Value of over Rs.5 Crores, and annual turnover of Rs. 70 lakhs
Bangalore All All - Retailers USD43,000Entertainment, recreation
Bangalore South Non-classifiable Establishments INR72,00,0004 year established cloud Kitchen for sale in Koramangala
Bangalore All Bars/Taverns INR25,00,000Wine Boutique For Sale
Bangalore East All - Retailers USD70,000A high demand and profitable co working office space business in prime location for sale
Bangalore East All - Retailers USD16,00,000Successfully Running PreSchool & Daycare Center For Sale – 16L - Independent bungalow Hennur / HBR
Bangalore East All - Retailers USD65,000Sale of Branded Preschool
Belgaum Division Finance, Banking, Loans, etc INR1000,00,000NBFC Based in Karnataka
Bangalore South Agents & Brokers INR12,00,000 Preschool for takeover - HSR Layout
Bangalore All Grocery & Food Stores INR5,00,000Culinary Spice Store/Convenience store
Bangalore All All - Retailers INR15,00,000IT Training Institute in Marthahalli is for Sale
Bangalore All All - Retailers INR25,00,000A Return Gifts Store for SALE!
Bangalore All Educational Services INR25,00,000A reputed Play school at a good residential location
Bangalore All Miscellaneous INR25,00,000Profit Making Manufacturing Unit to Sell in Bangalore
Bangalore North All - Retailers USD22,00,000Established ladies boutique for sale in premium locality
Bangalore All All - Retailers INR80,00,000Well established & profitable Silk Sarees retail business for sale at a prime location in Bangalore.
Bangalore All All - Retailers INR60,00,000well established Fabric store in the prime business hub in Bangalore up for sale
Belgaum Division All - Retailers INR80,00,000Highly profitable premium cell phone accessories e-commerce retail business with trademarked brand n
Bangalore All Educational Services INR4,50,000Rs.10 Lakh annual Income Business for sale
Bangalore All Consumer Services (B2C) INR13,00,000Ecommerce Platform for Socializing Realty Sector
Bangalore All Health, Medical & Dental INR2500,00,000Medical Equipment business
Bangalore All Computer & Software Services INR20,00,000Running IT Pvt Ltd Company with orders for take over(sale)
Bangalore East Web Design/Tech Services INR550,00,000IT Services and staffing Company

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Karnataka's capital is Bengaluru and its geographic area is 192000 sq. kms. It is in the southern part of India and borders with Goa and Maharashtra to the north, Andhra Pradesh on the east, Tamil Nadu and Kerala to the south and the Arabian sea to the west. Karnataka has a coast line of 320 kilometers making it an excellent tourist destination and receives more than 110 million tourists per year. The five largest cities are Bengaluru, Mysore, Hubli-Dharwar, Mangalore and Belgaum in that order.

Karnataka has an annual average growth rate (CAGR) of 11%, GDP of over US$ 116 billion and accounts for more than 13% of the country’s exports ($52 billion). The state has a large automobile, agro, biotech aerospace and high-tech industries and special economic zones (SEZs) for Information Technology (IT), biotechnology, engineering, aerospace and food processing. It has 47 IT SEZs and is the largest technology center in India one of the largest technology centers in the world. Almost all of the Fortune 500 companies outsource their IT services to an IT company in Bengaluru. Total IT exports from the state reached US $32 billion in 2014 and is expected to keep growing. The state is business friendly and offers a wide range of incentives to support the industrial and manufacturing sector.


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