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Location Industry Asking Price Business Description
Business Services (B2B) USD 135000 Software development company with 14 products for sale
Konkan Division Software INR 12000 Dealership for Educational App - Tuito
Mumbai Business Services (B2B) INR 500000 Private Limited Company For Sale
Pune Domain Name/Basic Site INR 1250000 Established Job Portal for finance professionals for sale
Mumbai Software INR 12500000 Enterprise software company focused on empowering Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) by delivering next
Bangalore All Consumer Services (B2C) INR 1300000 Ecommerce Platform for Socializing Realty Sector
Delhi Consumer Services (B2C) INR 600000 E-commerce portal selling Beauty products and services
Bangalore East Web Design/Tech Services INR 55000000 IT Services and staffing Company
Mumbai Business Services (B2B) INR 22000 deals and coupons website
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