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LocationIndustryAsking PriceBusiness Description
National Capital Region Electronic & Electrical Equipment INR150,000,000Manufacturer Of Sheet Metal, Wire and Plastic Injection Molding Components For Sale
Delhi All - Wholesalers INR15,000,000Successful handbags business for sale
Delhi All - Retailers USD9,000,000Successful Apparel brand for sale
West Delhi Beauty Salons, Barber Shops INR850,000Running Unisex Salon for Sale in Subhash Nagar Main Market
Delhi Consumer Services (B2C) INR600,000E-commerce portal selling Beauty products and services
West Delhi Beauty Salons, Barber Shops INR1,500,000beauty salon for men and women
Delhi Miscellaneous INR250,000,000Vegetable Seeds Manufacturers and Traders
Delhi Eating and Drinking INR1,000,000Running Pizza business for sale
West Delhi Printing, Publishing INR50,000,000Leading Publishing House on sale
Delhi Restaurants INR80,000,000Successful Restaurant brand
Delhi Other Business Services INR2,500,000buy opportunity " Top ranked digital marketing agency in Gurgaon"
Delhi Non-classifiable Establishments USD50,000,000Public Limited Company for Sale
Delhi Printing, Publishing INR150,000,000publication business for schools
Delhi All - Retailers INR10,000,000Established Pizza Company For Sale
South Delhi Amusement & Recreation INR250,000A startup firm offering platform for Performing Artists & Buyers
Delhi Restaurants INR25,000,000Profitable Chain of Restaurants
Delhi Automotive Dealers INR500,000I want to sale a company

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