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Recently Added Businesses for Sale in India

LocationIndustryPriceBusiness Description
Bangalore All Bangalore Division Amusement & Recreation INR400,00,000Debt Free Profitable Business with Strong Online & Offline Presence For Sale
ALL-Regions Primary Metal Industries INR450,00,0006 ton furnace for sale
Hyderabad Lumber and Wood Products INR8,00,000Using Laser engraving machine, designs/photos can be engraved on acrylic and wood.
Bangalore All Bangalore Division Apparel & finished fabrics INR80,00,000Activated Carbon Company For sale
Hyderabad Paper & Allied Products INR120,00,000Profitable Thermocole(Expanded Polystrene) Manufacturing company
Gurgaon North Gurgaon Division Grocery & Food Stores INR35,00,000Online store of Fruits and Veggies
Chittoor Food and Kindred Products INR1000,00,000Established Dairy Packaging Plant for Sale in Andhra Pradesh
North West Delhi North West Delhi Beauty Salons, Barber Shops INR12,00,000Running slimming center cum beauty Salon for urgent sale
Mumbai Suburban Konkan Division Beauty Salons, Barber Shops INR100,00,000Profitable Salon,Beauty&Slimming Centre for Sale
Mumbai Konkan Division Apparel & finished fabrics INR40,00,000leading garment manufacturing export company for sale
ALL-Regions Miscellaneous Services INR20,00,000Baby Shower, Hospital Favors
ALL-Regions Educational Services INR1,00,000Pre Primary School Franchise
Gurgaon North Gurgaon Division All - Retailers INR1,20,000A profitable luxury salon for sale in Gurgaon
Villupuram Villupuram All - Retailers INR30,00,000Running Business for Sale/Lease
Pune Pune Division Miscellaneous INR400,00,000Running SSI Pvt Ltd company for sale
Bangalore All Bangalore Division All - Retailers INR4,50,000Popular Women Clothing Boutique in Bangalore For Sale - Bangalore
Bangalore East Bangalore Division Restaurants INR17,00,000For Sale: Modern New Air Conditioned Resto Cafe Near IT Hub In Bangalore
Konkan Division Konkan Division Miscellaneous INR50,00,000SALE OF 40 YEARS OLD AYURVEDIC PHARMA BUSINESS
Pune Pune Division Restaurants INR7,00,000successful and profitable cafe/diner/restaurant for sale
Bangalore All Bangalore Division All - Retailers INR35,00,000Fully set up supermarket business for sale in Bangalore

About is one of the largest Business for Sale and Commercial Property for Sale marketplace. The site provides an efficient and fast platform to buy a business and Commercial Property or sell a business and Commercial Property. facilitates Small Business Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) in India by assisting business brokers and business owners sell their business. Business owners, business brokers and franchises can list their Business for Sale in all major metropolitan areas including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Pune, Noida, Lucknow and Surat. Hundreds of Business Owners across India use for M&A transactions and a network of potential business buyers are notified of new business opportunities.

Most popular commercial property in India includes land, retail and office spaces. The site specially caters to small retail and office spaces. Retail spaces includes free-standing street outlets or shops in malls. Commercial properties come with rental yield and capital appreciation. Commercial real-estate investing requires its fair share of due diligence. Buyers must check developer credentials, infrastructure available, access to public transport and quality of the project.In case of an income producing office asset, look at break-up of cash flows, the vacancy factor and expenses such as maintenance, property tax and building insurance, lease term,

India, the world’s largest democracy, has 26.1 million small businesses. However only 1.6 million businesses are registered firms. More than 24.6 million firms are informal businesses. Micro, Small and Medium (MSME) businesses employ more than 90% of the work force. India has more than 125 million Internet users and more than 40million smart phone users. 90% of the industrial units in India belong to the SME sector.

Disclaimer: provides business for sale classifieds. All business for sale and other business opportunities are not an offering or purchase recommendation by We rely on the accuracy of the content submitted to us by business owners and intermediaries representing business owners. A business buyer must seek the advice of a Business Broker or Business Professional such as a lawyer, financial consultant and accountant before closing the deal. Please review our Disclaimer for more details.
Buyer / Seller Beware: Buyers and Sellers must be on guard and must consult a Business Broker before making / accepting an offer or meeting face-to-face (in person).

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