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Retail Businesses for Sale Canada

Location Industry Asking Price Business Description
Other Areas All - Retailers USD 75000 Online Retail Finance Agency
Mississauga All - Retailers USD 178000 Thriving Supplementary Education Franchise for Sale in South Mississauga.
Abbotsford All - Retailers USD 1160000 Fall Protection Systems Manufacturer and Supplier
Calgary All - Retailers CDN 169000 CALGARY BUSINESS FOR SALE - Well-Established & Profitable Tile & Interior Stone
Calgary All - Retailers CDN 169000 CALGARY BUSINESS FOR SALE - Profitable Patio Cover Installations And Insurance Claims
Calgary Restaurants CDN 365000 CALGARY BUSINESS FOR SALE - Pita Pit Franchise
Calgary All - Retailers CDN 109000 CALGARY BUSINESS FOR SALE - Party Decorations, Rentals and Supplies
Calgary Miscellaneous Retail CDN 150000 CALGARY BUSINESS FOR SALE - Music Store
Calgary Restaurants CDN 1100000 CALGARY BUSINESS FOR SALE - Highly Profitable Food Franchise
Calgary All - Retailers CDN 240000 CALGARY BUSINESS FOR SALE - High Volume News Stand And Convenience Store
Ponoka County Supermarkets CDN 229000 CALGARY BUSINESS FOR SALE - Dollar Store Ponoka Alberta
North West Region Clothing and Apparel CDN 545000 CALGARY BUSINESS FOR SALE - Dancewear Retail Store
Calgary All - Retailers CDN 165000 CALGARY BUSINESS FOR SALE - Busy, Profitable SE Flower Shop
Edmonton Furniture and Accessories CDN 395000 CALGARY BUSINESS FOR SALE - 25 Year Established Furniture Store
Edmonton Restaurants CDN 89900 CALGARY BUSINESS FOR SALE - 17 Ave and 14 Street SW Corner Restaurant
Edmonton Clothing and Apparel CDN 90000 CALGARY BUSINESS FOR SALE - Boutique Clothing Store on 17th
North West Region Gasoline Service Stations CDN 6950000 CALGARY BUSINESS FOR SALE- Oil & Gas Construction Rental Company
Athabasca / Cold Lake Liquor Stores USD 385000 PROFITABLE LIQUOR STORE FOR SALE
Windsor-Essex All - Retailers USD 899000 exclusive catering & vending
London All - Retailers USD 10000 VapeDirect "your smart vapor solution"
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