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LocationIndustryAsking PriceBusiness Description
Mississauga Other Business Services CDN850,000Selling Printing Press Business/Investment Opportunity
Ottawa All - Retailers USD80,000Pizzeria for Sale 10 minutes from Barrhaven
Cambridge All - Retailers USD100,000Private Investigation Agency for Sale
Niagara Region All - Retailers USD99,900Unique Turnkey Business Available - 3D/4D Ultrasound Business
Niagara Region Restaurants CDN40,000High Traffic Quiznos Franchise
Toronto West Automotive Dealers CDN150,000AUTO FRANCHISE FOR SALE!
Toronto East Educational Services CDN125,000Learning Centre with Tremendous Growth Potentials
York Region All - Retailers USD90,000Pet Grooming Salon with Retail
Toronto West All - Retailers USD149,900Well Known Electronics Store in Western GTA
York Region All - Retailers CDN89,900 Pet Grooming Facility For Sale Completely Turn Key
York Region Construction - Other CDN295,000High end Architectural Millwork Plant
Kawartha Lakes All - Retailers USD50,000Well established turnkey Cafe and Diner for Sale
Mississauga Fabricated Metal Products CDN145,000 Etablished WATERJET & WIRE EDM cutting services company for Sale
Thunder Bay All - Retailers CDN150,000Gift and souvenir shop
Guelph Amusement & Recreation CDN24,500Yoga Business For Sale
Kingston & Area All - Retailers USD899,000EFFORTLESS Profitable Paving business in Kingston for sale
York Region Agents & Brokers CDN70,000Lawn Care Business
Cobourg-Port Hope Food Products CDN1,500,000Specialty Bread Distribution

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Ontario is Canada's second largest province, covering more than one million square kilometres. It is larger than multiple  European countries combined. The flag of Ontario is called the Red Ensign. Ontario’s has more than 250,000 lakes contain about one-fifth of the world's fresh water. Ontario is broadly divided into two regions, Northern Ontario and Southern Ontario.

Businesses are classified as Micro-enterprise (1 to 4 employees), Small business (5 to 100 employees), Medium-sized business (101 to 499) and Large business (500-plus). Ontario has 416,801 businesses of these 407,175 micro and small businesses, 8,437 medium sized businesses and 1,189 large businesses. Ontario businesses include Law (Lawyers, Legal Services, Paralegals, Immigration & Naturalization Services), Education, Money Management, Real Estate, Home and Garden, Travel, Home Services & Renovation, Computers, General Practice Physicians & Surgeons and so on.

Ontario is Canada's leading manufacturing province accounting for more than 50% of the total national manufacturing. Ontario's capital is Toronto. Toronto is the country's canter for financial services and banking industry. Hamilton is the largest steel manufacturing city in Canada. Highway 401 between Toronto and Waterloo is Canada's hi-tech corridor accounting for almost 60% of Canada's high tech industry. Ontario has more than half of farm land in Canada. 66% of Ontario’s land (70 million hectares) is classified as forested land. Ontario is second largest petroleum refining region after Alberta.


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